Best home decor trends to look for this spring-summer

March 1, 2017

No more holing up in your cozy cocoons or wallowing in reveries and ruminations over cups of hot chocolate! It’s that time of the year when you throw your doors open to bright light, vibrant sights, and party nights. Just get into the spring-summer zeitgeist, we say!

We actively pursued hygge last year with warm blankets, candlelight dinners, and minimalism, but right now, with the summer sneaking in, we believe a pleasant antithesis of this coziness is in order.

The forecasters have done their bit. They have revealed the interior trends that are going to be major-league this season.Hypnotic geometrics, whimsical motifs, pastel pops, spurts of bright, exotic influences, and of course greenery are decidedly ‘in’ and your go-to elements to invigorate your interiors this spring-summer.

Here is our guide on how you can titivate your abode with them–


Boho chic

Think homespun folksy art. Think greenery. Think jungalow!If you haven’t heard of this blog or the creative juggernaut behind it, then we request you to come out of our cave and look her up pronto!Pardon the drama. So to give you a gist, The Jungalow is a fun potpourri of botany, colors, and patterns, and what we find totally cool about it is how well its leitmotif jibes with the color of the year!

While we are totally thankful to the Danes for bringing ‘hygge’ into our lives, however, the transitioning season demanded a fresh approach and so the trendsetters decided to go on a cross-continental voyage in search of new inspirations. From oriental florals to resplendent paisleys to exuberant English country gardens to playful African wildlife, there’s no scarcity of ideas and inspirations. The best thing about this trend is that it will create maximum impact with its playfulness and vibrancy whether you decide to go overboard or keep it subtle.

If you want to adopt a subdued, non-OTT approach, say like a tropical standalone boho chic piece then look at this suzani upholstered chair. See how pretty it sits amid potted plants and layered floor.

                                                          (Image source: The Jungalow)

Or how about embracing it lock, stock, and barrel? Just like this super adorb kid’s room. Right from the wall mounted zebra head to the bunk bed layered with patterned bits and bobs (pillows and bed covers) to the graphic ottoman; this room is en pointe and packs a boho eclectic punch.

                                                         (Image source: The Jungalow)




The internet is going ballistic with this color and words like rejuvenation, revitalization, and refreshment are being volleyed enthusiastically everywhere. While this color is everything that it’s cracked up to be, there’s another quality about this color that we find very endearing – reassurance (something that we need in spades given the kind of complex situations that are happening around the world).

Given our leaning for neutral colors something that we are historically known to have a weakness for, we wondered if we could use this bright green yellow shade as a complementary color and voila it works wonderfully. See how sublime it looks with the red sofa below. Not only does it throw the red sofa into sharp relief but it also helps cushion its brightness.