The ever-evolving curtain trends

April 6, 2017


As a little girl I remember peeping into our neighbor’s window to get a glimpse of the beautiful things that sat prettily inside. It used to be such a frisson – ducking when I sensed someone was approaching the window or craning my neck when the view would be partially obfuscated by the curtains. Those days!

On one such peering adventure, I saw the woman of the house carefully hand-sewing lace trims on a length of a gorgeous fabric. It must have been a wonderfully meditative activity as the lady didn’t realize that she had a spectator by the window, as deeply engrossed as she was, almost unaware that she risked being discovered by the occupants of the house.

My eyes were busy tracing the continuous movements of the needle and thread, occasionally narrowing when the lady through her knitted brows and puckered lips trained focus to scrutinize the stitched stretch. It was like watching a movie!

That’s some curtain commitment, isn’t it?

I like everything that goes into making a curtain – the fabric, the style, the add-ons, the tie-backs, and the whole ball of wax! In this blogpost, I’m going to share with you the trends that people are warming up to -

Jewel tones

They are bold, dramatic, spectacular, and luxurious. Emerald green, citrine, fuchsia, turquoise, amethyst, sapphire blue, so on and so forth; the colors possibilities with this trend are exciting and endless. Pick any jewel tone for your window and it will add a 24-carat sparkle to your windows or best make it seem as if you are living in your own bijou ark!

Look at this purple sapphire curtain below, it looks warm and gracious and is paired with a color with which it creates a perfect piquant blend.



Or how about these turquoise curtains? It throbs with a beachy vibe and looks magnificent, and what about the embellishment at its border? That fresh water pearl edging decidedly gives it a lavish flair.


Clean, disciplined pleats

Think triple pinch pleats, goblet pleats, wave pleats, box pleats, and inverted box pleats. Hand-sewn window treatments incontrovertibly look plush, regimented, pleasantly voluminous, and most importantly - are versatile, which means they