Curtains and Blinds Cleaning Tips and Techniques

May 25, 2017

 Curtains attract dust as naturally as a few drops of blood attract a shark, well this is quite gory an analogy – but you have to agree that both are highly undesirable.

Curtains are the ethereal, practical lengths of fabrics that beautifully cloak yours windows–they block out sunlight for those who can’t bear even a chink of sunlight as well as pleasantly disperse light for those who harness the early balmy light to shrug off morning laziness. Despite acclimating to all our whims and fancies and style preferences, we believe that our curtains are one of the most overlooked members of our home décor.

We know curtain cleaning doesn’t happen in a click and takes almost an entire day of taking them down, washing them, and hanging them back (sometimes there’s also the additional trouble of sewing the edges that have come undone), but you got do what you got to do. But here’s the thing –how about cleaning your curtains periodically, say once in a month than just allotting a day in like once or twice a year? (which is like the exerting equivalent of performing 108 Sun Salutations randomly on a day!)

Without much ado, let’s get down to knowing how to set up a monthly curtain cleaning ritual. Don’t balk at it already! It involves no Herculean efforts just vacuuming. For that, you need upholstery attachment to clean the curtains overall and crevice tool (comes with a narrow nozzle) to clean the pleats of the curtains). Vacuum the front and back of the curtains– especially if you got a four legged baby in the house who is most likely to graze against the curtains when leaping or general goofing around. Always remember –regular, disciplined quick cleaning means less frequent thorough cleaning!

                                                            ( image Source : pinterest )

If your curtains smell funny–say moldy or incomprehensibly funky, then it’s time to get them out in the sun for some air drying. By that we don’t mean you to hang them in harsh sunlight - as it will be unmerciful to the color of your curtains. Look for a day when the sun isn’t shining brightly and it’s relatively dry and windy. You may want to give odor eliminators a try;however, it’s more of a temporary hack.

For heavy fabrics like velvet, chenille, heavy-weight jacquard, etc., go for steam cleaning. This is the best cleaning method for heavy curtains as it saves the time and energy of detaching them from the hardware. Ensure that you don’t wet the curtain too much.
You can clean your Roman blinds pretty much the same way –use the upholstery attachment and brush the blind from the top to the bottom. Focus your attention more on the lower end and sides of the blind as these are favorite dust spots - given their proximity to the sill and frame of the windows. In case of splotches or stains, go for a stain remover which is compatible with the fabric of the blind or you might end up having a markedly different looking patch on your blind.

Now comes the deep and thorough once in a year cleaning ritual –it’s the whole shebang. Right from removing the curtains from poles/rails, washing and drying through to putting them back in their position. The first thing you need to do is check the washing instructions properly–see if your fabric needs dry cleaning or hand wash, it’s something that you need follow strictly.

As for drying–the best way is to put them back in their place, flick on the fan or open your windows and let them dry naturally. If there are any vestiges of creases that you want to get rid of – go for a round of steam cleaning. Ah yes, one more thing - if your curtain heading has tape, make sure you secure the end with a firm knot or else, we hate to say it but your curtain heading will have come to naught.

As for blinds, again, follow the washing label. For through cleaning–you would need to take the blind down, carefully remove the cords and horizontal rods placed inside the lining. After washing, reassemble the blind and leave them in the pulled up position so that it can it sit back to its original place.

And, that’s that folks. We hope these small tricks help you minimize your window dressing quandaries and most importantly change your perception about cleaning them in the first place!

Happy cleaning!


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