Provencal Interiors: Create a home that is livable and lived-in

June 21, 2017

 Ah our fixation with all things French!From the sweet-sounding romantic language to the ‘je ne sais quoi’ Parisian magnetism to the nonchalant street fashion, France is an esoteric world in itself that is irreverent, unapologetic, and infinitely charming. When it comes to decorating characterful yet unassuming interiors, here too the French seem to have a leg up on others. Each region possesses its own unmissable flavor which wields a goodly influence on the lifestyles of its citizens.

But what is a Provencal interior? What is Provencal in the first place? Femmes and garcons, we will decode that for you. So, the word Provencal comes from Provenance–the Mediterranean heartland of France boasting a bevy of historical monuments, sumptuous lavender beds, and sun-drenched, lyrical landscapes.

If you can’t picture what we are talking about then have a look at those lavender stalks bending in the balmy breeze –


                                                             ( image Source : pinterest )

Feel the tingly sensations as you move your hands through the stalks.

So, what are the attributes of Provencal interiors? Theatrical splashes? Artisanal objects? Opulent finishes? Well, there’s a soupcon of everything but it never strains for effect. A typical Provencal interior looks well-curated, unpretentious, and exuberant. It radiates warmth, throbs with old world elegance, and exhibits the generosity of the occupants.

Here’s a detailed low-down on the salient features of Provencal interiors–


When it comes to artful using of colors, the French are unbeatable and magnanimous. They know what a hearty splash of a color can do to a room–it can foreground an architectural piece de resistance, cleverly camouflage a flaw, arouse senses, and so much more!

                                                             ( image Source : pinterest )

We can imagine the convivial people going about their quotidian business in this cheerful living room.

We are unabashed lovers of pastel colors and so are the inhabitants of Provence. Pastel colors are intrinsically linked with soothing senses. In a room, pastels can pop from anywhere; they can leap from a bucolic country painting or can be drawn from the kaleidoscopic landscape. Well, to all of us who live in the middle of urban bulk unfortunately can’t peer outside the window for color inspiration but we’d tell you how to go about it.

While pastels of all sorts are favored, unexpected and unpredictable experiments are lapped up eagerly. Think of beige, putty, blues of all sorts (they have a thing for all shades of blue, call it the Mediterranean effect), olive, Sunflower yellow (a favorite of Monsieur Van Gogh), lavender, poppy red, scarlet red, terra cotta, umber, sienna, and ochre.

                                                          ( image Source : pinterest )


Picturesque natural beauty, vibrant colors, and magical light are the visceral ingredients that make Provence a living impressionism canvas.

Floral patterns

Oh lala floral patterns, something in us that just responds to them! A Provencal house is a savvy intermingling of cheerful colors and upbeat flowers - whether fresh or in the form of pretty patterns dancing on curtains, blinds, table cloth, cushions, or bed linen.

Vases are perennially filled with fresh flowers, foliage and herbs which playfully interact with the patterned home furnishings. Whether pronounced or simple, flowers are a crucial part of Provencal interiors.


                                                           ( image Source : pinterest )

We can imagine waking up to the idle mellow tune of Edith Piaf’s ‘je ne veux pas travailler’.

Light billowy draperies

                                                           ( image Source : pinterest )

The French love their draperies airy and ethereal. Faultlessly tailored curtains gracefully fall from window fixtures and spill over on to the floor. Curtains are closer to the ceiling as they create an imposing sense of height. Hand-made head treatments like goblet pleats look ravishing and tasteful, so does the embellished border along the lead edge.

Draperies with alluring passementerie like chords,piping, tassels, pompoms, and lace trimmings add boundless charm and style to interiors. Oh and did we tell you about the old world mystic they conjure up? As they say a soul fond of history will always look for things that are robust in composition and dainty in appearance and that’s what the French revere.

The French are sentimental folks after all; they are fiercely attached to their hand-me-downs and heirloom objects and display them with honor and pride. Provencal interiors are organic coming together of sundry elements that look like repository of life experiences in a sequence.

Now we say au revoir to you! We hope to see your rendition of Provencal interiors soon!



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