5 Common curtain mistakes to avoid

August 24, 2017

Did you guys know that we all have been using the lemon juicer the wrong way? Turns out that you first have to slice a thin segment off of the bottom and then put it facing upwards! What? We tried it and we were able to extract more juice from the lemon! Oh boy. While this information is truly eye-opening, however, we are sure you are wondering what it has got to do with curtains? Well, turns out that most of us have also been hanging the curtains incorrectly! What’s going on with humanity? Take a moment to simmer down here folks. The good part is that we are curtain makers (pretty good ones) who can help you identify these problems and guide you on how to steer clear of them.


Problem #1 Not having the rod wide enough

There are many things in life where you can practise frugality but your curtain rod shouldn’t be one of them. Say you got beautiful finials on your rod, you would obviously want them to get noticed, won’t you? But if your curtain rod is exactly of the same width as that of your window frame, then you are literally hamstringing the entire look of your curtains! Not only will it be concealing the finials but it will also be obstructing natural light from entering the room.

This however doesn’t apply to recessed windows as your window treatments need to go inside the window casing.

Solution: Install a curtain rod that extends 6 inches on either side of the window frame.This will mean having curtains more on the wall than on the window, which will allow more sunlight (when you draw them aside) and make your window appear wider.

Problem #2 Not considering the length of your curtains

Positioning the rod close to the window trim is another mistake. Doing so makes your window look smaller and dumpy; in short not good.

Solution: Place your curtain rod close to the ceiling line or between the window frame and ceiling to make your curtains look tall and handsome! Likewise, it is also important to decide on the length of the curtain depending on the look you want to achieve - say you want to communicate a romantic vibe, then a puddle will be the perfect choice. Similarly, for a tailored and clean look, a floor-skimming length will be best-suited for your need; plus it’s a lot easier to open and close.

Problem #3 Not thinking about the functional aspect of the curtain

They say never just go by the looks of someone, and it also goes the same for curtains. Honestly, we all have, at some point or the other, fallen victim to our impetuousness. Maybe the pattern of a curtain was too pretty to put away or that pastel color made your heart warble in a ravishing soprano, but on the functional level, is it worth it?

Solution: Many times, the solutions to our problems are hidden in the problems themselves and the only way to solve them is by asking appropriate questions to ourselves. When buying curtains, ask yourself questions like - Will it help me shut out the world when I need it to? Will it help me keep my room cooler in the summer? Will it channelize every ray of sunlight in the room where I need it the most?

Problem #4 Not giving a thought to the curtains when designing your home

Many fail to consider curtains in the beginning of their home design project and that’s a huge mistake! The emphasis is almost always on the wall paint and at the last on the curtains, which can sometimes result in incongruous, jarring, and ineffective color schemes.

Solution: Like your furniture, furnishings and decor pieces, your curtains are an important part of your interiors. In fact, if you use your curtain as the springboard of your design project and incorporate the color or its complement in your furnishings and wall paint, the resultant color scheme will look organic and melodic, like a happy family!

Problem #5 Not checking out the many different options of window dressing!

Solution: There’s so much you can do with your curtains - from layering to adding decorative trims to exploring the diverse styles of curtain heading, there are so many ways in which you can transform the look of your curtains! How about for starters you read get yourself acquainted with different types of curtain pleats here.

Traditional, contemporary, transitional, or modern, we can assist you in creating bespoke curtains that are congenial to your interior scheme. Connect with us on 7875555413 and we will take it from there!



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