How to choose colors for your soft furnishings

January 19, 2017

The internet is a bountiful cornucopia of design ideas – from Pinterest to forums to social media groups, there is more than you can shake a stick at. While it’s amazing to have this humongous creative think-tank at your disposal 24×7, things can, at the same time throw you in a serious snafu (especially if you are considering buying soft furnishings for your home). And that too, how to go about picking colors that will co-exist harmoniously with your interiors.

A cardinal element of design, color breathes life into space and ties all unique and dissimilar things in it together. But incorporating it in your living environs can seem intimating and perplexing. This is why before you set sails for your decorating project it is important that you know the basic rule - that there are no rigid rules set in stone that you need to stick to! All you need is your instinct, a little science, and confidence to bring it off effortlessly!

In this blog post, we discuss how you can bring in harmony, character, and life to your interiors using colors you love. Consider these not as commandments but guideposts that will help you discover your unique style and express it uninhibitedly in your interiors like a pro.

Guideline #1: Cherry-pick colors that will lend themselves as vivid complements to your existing scheme

Say your interior is awash with shades of whites then a bold and energetic pop like red can be used as an accent color to add weight to your interiors. A spicy red curtain against a washed-out backdrop will salvage the room from dreariness of little to almost no color. The same can be achieved in your bedroom with your bed linen (think cushions, shams, bolsters); but if a bright red is not exactly up your alley then opt for its reticent, subtler versions like salmon, vintage rose, raspberry soufflé, etc.


                                                         (Image source: Pinterest)

Guideline #2: Location, location, location!

Your choice of color for your curtain should be predicated on the location of your window. Say for example, if your living room receives abundant sunlight, then going for brighter shades may not bode well for the color as the light will weaken its intensity. However, if this case is with your bedroom, then you may want to go in for deep colors like aubergines, browns, etc. to block out sunlight.

                                                       (Image source: Pinterest)

Guideline #3: Go by thy heart

You can be inspired by a painting or wallpaper that is doused in rich colors and may have a penchant to use them in interiors, then we say go for it. Soft furnishings are the best way to get experimental when it comes to playing around with colors. Like in the image below where vibrant blue and burnt orange leap from the portrait painting to the ottoman and cushion to bring the cozy visual narrative to completion.

                                                       (Image source: Pinterest)