Chic Curtain Design Ideas for Your Living Room

October 7, 2017

                                                         ( image Source : pinterest )

Don’t we all love to look on light, diaphanous sheers swaying in the balmy breeze? Or maybe you are more of a modern Bohemian who is hung up on bold fronds of their curtains. Whatever floats your boat, you have to agree that your curtains are one of the most important soft furnishings, capable of morphing the aesthetics of your interiors from threadbare to très chic.

Your living room, the maker of the first impression of your home, needs to look well put together, goes without saying. That your curtains will play a major role to make it happen sounds like a beauty pageant contestant citing platitudes about world peace.

We know it’s duh-uh but it’s damn right. Here are a few of our favorite curtain design ideas for living room that we know for sure will trigger the flow of your creative juices!

Add some color to your living room and life


                                                         ( image Source : pinterest )


Despite being in the soft furnishings business for over 25 years and being well aware of the transformative power of colors, we still kind of lose it when we see a gorgeous color in our atelier. If you aren’t sure about prints and textures then we suggest you to go with a color that will make you feel proud of yourself for choosing it. Take a cue from these mustard orderly pleated curtains.

Power of the print


                                                              ( image Source : pinterest )


We are crushing hard on prints, more than ever and we don’t see our infatuation lessening any time soon. Look at those printed panels standing hand in glove with each other. If this won’t gladden your heart then we don’t know what else will!