How to add alluring details to curtains using decorative trimmings and borders

April 19, 2017


                                                             (Image source: Pinterest)


First impressions of your home are decidedly gained from the most obvious and salient architectural feature of your living room - which more often than not is the standalone, large window punctuated by lavish curtains. The decoration of such a conspicuous part of your living environs naturally warrants careful consideration and not to forget copious creativity. So how do you add a special flair to your curtains? What is that special something that just brings everything together into a satisfying, harmonious whole? Through the elegant application of decorative trimmings and borders!

Trimmings can widen the decorative scope of even the simplest of fabrics and can supply a tame composition a whirl of grandeur. Borders essentially underscore the composition, shape, and form as well as lend a blended note of decoration and weight to curtains.

Beautiful trimmings and borders always serve a dual purpose - they are sympathetic to the overall design scheme of the interiors and don't get into the way of the efficiency of the curtains. From theatrical to formal, complementing to contrasting - decorative possibilities of trimmings and borders are boundless.

Take a look at some of the trimmings and borders developed by our seasoned team of kosher design ninjas -


A decorative band speckled with closely stitched freshwater pearls runs along the leading edge of the turquoise jewel-toned curtains. This spectacular composition despite being opulent doesn't look garish but graceful by dint of the restrained choice of decoration and color.


Here a brown linen border edged with multicolor potli trims makes a chic accompaniment to the Ivory cotton fabric. We also love the unusual density of folds of the curtains; it makes the composition look soft and modest.

Colored pencils have marshaled themselves at the border of the white curtains to articulate the dreamy pleats. This imaginative juxtaposition is sure to stimulate childhood fantasies and amusement.


Drawn to each side with tassel fringed tiebacks, this pair of silk curtains prettily frames a balcony view. A sheer swag and its layered tail are also adorned with the same color coordinated trimming, making the composition an impressive monochrome scheme that’s easy on the eyes.


 A broad border featuring geometric florals is wrought using shaded couching stitches. It makes an easy focal point at the window without ostensibly catapulting itself on our attention and totally works for a contemporary setting.


Racing cars on a curtain border is equal to racing imagination! Disciplined wave curtains find themselves a surprising and unlikely companion in the form of colored toy cars at their leading edge. Talking about turning convention on its head this does it with panache and military precision.

Before we sign off, let us tell you that we can make for you curtains of any conceivable decorative style and scheme. The best part is - we suck at playing hide and seek. Huh? We mean you can spot us and connect with us easily! How about you drop us a line on or call us on 7875555413 to request for free site consultation.



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