How to add alluring details to curtains using decorative trimmings and borders

April 19, 2017


                                                             (Image source: Pinterest)


First impressions of your home are decidedly gained from the most obvious and salient architectural feature of your living room - which more often than not is the standalone, large window punctuated by lavish curtains. The decoration of such a conspicuous part of your living environs naturally warrants careful consideration and not to forget copious creativity. So how do you add a special flair to your curtains? What is that special something that just brings everything together into a satisfying, harmonious whole? Through the elegant application of decorative trimmings and borders!

Trimmings can widen the decorative scope of even the simplest of fabrics and can supply a tame composition a whirl of grandeur. Borders essentially underscore the composition, shape, and form as well as lend a blended note of decoration and weight to curtains.

Beautiful trimmings and borders always serve a dual purpose - they are sympathetic to the overall design scheme of the interiors and don't get into the way of the efficiency of the curtains. From theatrical to formal, complementing to contrasting - decorative possibilities of trimmings and borders are boundless.

Take a look at some of the trimmings and borders developed by our seasoned team of kosher design ninjas -


A decorative band speckled with closely stitched freshwater pearls runs along the leading edge of the turquoise jewel-toned curtains. This spectacular composition despite being opulent doesn't look garish but graceful by dint of the restrained choice of decoration and color.


Here a brown linen border edged with multicolor potli trims makes a chic accompaniment to the Ivory cotton fabric. We also love the unusual density of folds of the curtains; it makes the composition look soft and modest.