How to bring in Hygge this Winter?

November 14, 2017

Right off the bat, ‘hygge’ is pronounced HOO-gah; we thought we’d clear the pronunciation part first before we go about marveling at this magical snow globe of the Danish concept of cozy living.  

We love the snow, the mistletoe, the fireplace, and of course those beautifully wrapped presents that sit pretty underneath the Christmas tree – aww, feels like being transported back into those glorious days of childhood! It might not snow here in India but the cold days, hot beverages, and cuddling up in blankets and slurping up the noodles – holds a special place in our hearts just as Christmas does in the hearts of the Westerners.  

But why are we talking about Christmas and winter and mellow idleness? Well, that’s because the very idea of hygge comes from it. Winters in Denmark are unmerciful, dark, and very cold – basically they can engulf you in thick layers of blues and cause some serious boredom which can be quite dispiriting for the heart and soul. The concept of hygge came into being as a response to the darkness and ennui. So hygge isn’t running away from the drudgery and sameness that real human life is known to be made up of but working your way around to make it charming, comforting, and convivial by creating simple rituals. That’s how we’d like to describe it. 

It’s a beautiful slant on living our lives and goes more than just savoring home-made goodies or reading your favorite tome by the fireplace. You can bring hygge in your home through simple home décor and furnishings. Read on to know how. 

Create intimate spaces with contrast

 Image source: The Jungalow


Hygge is all about working subtle dichotomies in your home. Picture home furnishings like Boho cushions, faux fur throws, and appliquéd quilts – and now imagine them sharing space with geometric wire cage pendant lights, wooden side tables and reclaimed wood hutch; a perfect interplay of hard and soft elements.



 Image source: Pinterest


If you ask us – a leaning ladder bookshelf or a rustic ladder propped against a neutral wall with blankets and throws either stacked or hung on the rung with planters thrown in for good measure is a great hygge sight to behold!

Make the most of light 

There’s something really magical about the early and raw shafts of sunlight sneaking in through the slits of your curtains and brushing your coffee table and newspaper with gold. That’s the thing with winters – the sun becomes a pleasant orb of light, setting the tone for balmy days and nights.