Things We Fell For This Week

November 24, 2017


A London penthouse imagined by celebrated British designer Faye Toogood drenched in shades of gray achieves the coveted Goldilocks appeal in interiors - not too dark nor too bright but just right.  P.S: We ❤ gray!


As if we were having any luck in recovering from explosion of gorgeous vertical gardens that we are now being subjected to an equally alluring avalanche of vertical forests! Get ready for a new botanical phenomenon y'all!


We are head over heels in love with designer Tobi Fairley’s home which is getting all geared up for the festive season with cheery decorations, fresh floral arrangements, and super comfy furnishings.  


In a world where deceptively similar is considered similar, minute variations and nuances that make all the difference in the world, get overlooked. Thankfully, this won't happen with modern and contemporary design anymore.


For a Madrid hotel, 'Spanish' as a theme may not sound very inspiring but as you'll scroll down, you'll realize that anything brewed with palatable amounts of kitsch and healthy dosage of local character holds the potential to elevate even the most cliched.


A pink room for an eight-year-old? Aren't we done playing with the stereotypes yet? That's what we thought before we came across this pretty pink room that's full of grownup glamour and far from the typical cloyingly sweet. Anyone for 'Drink Me' potion? 



Things that we loved on Instagram this week












If we got presents wrapped in those jungalicious gift wrap, we'd only make sheep's eyes at them and not open them!