Tulips Atelier: The human side of our brand

January 20, 2018

It all started with a meditative activity that would engross our founder Raajkumarri as a little girl for hours on the trot. The said activity was her mother’s sewing. She was enthralled by the machine’s energetic hum, the vigorous movements of the needle and the way it impregnated the fabric with threads. Today, almost after 60 years, the sound of the machine is still music to her ears; the difference, however, lies in the beat – the gentle whir of her mother’s sewing machine is now supplanted by a well-rounded orchestra of 35 sewing machines used by skilled tailors.


 Tailors in the swim of things


 Spools of thread primed up for creating beautiful stories on fabrics


  Karigar at his workstation

The thumping cadence of the machine crescendos as one nears the atelier. Forever effervescing with hustle and bustle – the atelier is a place where tailors, karigars, and designers huddle up, brainstorm, and fling into action once they have the details of a project hashed over and down pat.