Things We Fell For This Week

April 7, 2018

 An interior designer whose Brooklyn abode has her signature style of 'eclectic layering' written all over it. As design enthusiasts and practitioners, we are always foraging for concepts that help us pack in character and personality in spades and this is totally up our alley.


Parisian apartments are teeny weeny so much that they don't leave enough room to swing their beloved cats. But this ingeniously designed apartment in the Montmartre, Paris shows that when you work with a no-holds-barred approach, space is no impediment. 


From peonies splattered wallpapers to block printed canvases featuring stylized tigers, this vintage Spanish bungalow of an artist draws inspiration from the talented occupant's Korean heritage. 


We are people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, so our love for neutral color palette doesn't come as a surprise at all. However, we were astounded to the hilt on coming across this serene apartment bathed in soothing tints of beige


It's technically, nigh impossible, to adopt trends that are billed to make a big impact for a particular year and we aren't the types who'd recommend embracing every trend making the headline but knowing them is always a plus as you might find something worth experimenting with and adding to your existing mix. 


Things that we loved on Instagram this week










We love this cozied-up appeal of this seating setup here. The plump cushions and the anchor piece on the table have got us smitten!