5 Bedroom looks from our design archives

May 19, 2018

If there's one thing, apart from our hand-sewn curtains, that we are absolutely particular about then it has to be sleep. We like to enjoy our 'honey-heavy dew of slumber' just as Mr. Shakespeare puts it. That its soundness and sweetness depends on our bedrooms is no mystery, it needs to be more than just a fuel stop for our sleep. It has to be a perfect mix of style, comfort, and practicality - a comfy bastion where we do more than just sleeping. 


In this blog post, we are sharing with you a few of our favorite bedroom looks that we lovingly designed for our clients - 


Monochrome magnificence


A chic mix of neutrals and textures, this bedroom has all the ingredients that are needed for a good night's sleep. Layers of sheers embellished in patchwork and embroidery swag over the bed. 


A dreamy ceiling installation beautifully effects merging of two ends. Soft, regimented pleats of sheers and main curtains discreetly frame spectacular windows that afford uninterrupted view of the Garden City. Gah! We'd give anything to have a view like that!


Colorfully collected

Happiness comes in shades of aubergine, yellow, and beige that make growing up fun. Our designers crafted sliding panels featuring playful lines in patchwork and embroidery to echo the thread installation on the wall. We used an eclectic mix of pillows to dress the cantilevered bed. We'd love to have a cozy sleeping pod like this one.


Classical elegance

 We love the minimalist approach and color palette here. It conjures up the warmth and privacy that are the essential elements of modern day comfort. With just pillows and duvets, we created an elegant look with striking lines that adds gravitas to the bedroom without making it too serious. 


Canopy dreams