Big Colors of 2019

February 1, 2019

Whether you swear by them or steer clear of them, the interior world, however, is seized by them. What are we talking about? Trends, of course! The design cognoscenti have given their verdict on the trends that will be reigning supreme this year.

Dab hands and dilettantes alike have already started adopting the prescribed silhouettes, furniture styles, and neoteric materials. What is, however, of huge interest to us is the development in colors. After all, we are a soft furnishings brand that deeply relies on color, so naturally, we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of what's in vogue.

Here are the hues that are going to be BIG this year that we are excited to incorporate them into our furnishings mix-


#1: Coral

Image source: Pinterest


Unlike last year's Ultra Violet, which drew strong responses from the design fraternity, Coral has been received quite well. What's nothing to like about it? It communicates a playful, energetic, and spirited vibe. And pairs beautifully well with the ever prevailing blues, greys, and yellows. An upholstered mid-century modern accent chair drenched in coral totally fits in with our vision of this effervescent hue.


#2:  Woody Vibe

Image source: Pinterest


Looks like there's going to be autumn all year long and we aren't complaining. While we very much enjoyed the 'more is more' maximalism boldness, our eyes were longing for subtlety, which the woody palette promises to provide profusely. Well, they can't ever disappear from the design horizon you see, as they are the ones that bring out the best from other colors and create a cocooning living environment with their inherent coziness. We can picture a brown-kissed bedroom with a hint of muted purple (see the plush comforter and pillow mix), it's oh-so-chic!


#3:  Citrus Pump